Saxophonist, he worked with several names in popular Brazilian music, such as Alcione, Beth Carvalho, Berimbrown, Skank, Jota Quest, Nei Lopes, Almir Guineto, Leo Jaime, Zeze de Camargo and Luciano, Netinho de Paula, Jamelão, Pixote and Inimigos da HP.

Marcelo has gained notoriety as an arranger and music producer in recent years, and his work is present in more than one thousand registered recordings, illustrating more than 30 years of his career. A member of Sensacional Orchestra Sonora for more than 10 years, he has studied Brazilian sounds, styles such as bossa nova, samba, MPB, jazz, funk and gospel for more than 25 years and has 3 own albums:

CLICK, with the group O Quarto

MORADA, with Bill Lucas, a percussionist from Minas Gerais.

Work done for GRUPO CORPO

EMBALADA registers the identity of a sensitive and creative musician. The saxophonist Marcelo Freitas makes his debut in style, along with the stellar Trio Zimbo, the historical group that participated in the birth of bossa nova and updates it until today, with the vigor, modernity and piano excellence of Amilton Godoy. In the
repertoire, a parade of wonderful Brazilian ballads, which marks the beginning of a new path in Marcelo Freitas’ career. The album “Embalada” covers 8 songs by composers such as: Claudio Nucci, Luiz Fernando Gonçalves, Francis Hime, Ruy Guerra, Marcio Borges, Milton”Bituca” Nascimento, Guilherme Rondon, Iso Fisher, Mauricio Zangari, Clóvis Aguiar, Paulo André, Ruy Barata, Dominguinhos and Anastácia. The project has the sophistication of an orchestra with twenty-two strings, commanded by two geniuses of the music: the internationally awarded (with two Grammys) Ruria Duprat and his usual elegance, along with the fabulous Lua Lafaiette, with its cinematographic chords.

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Marcelo Freitas is specialized in adapting the saxophone performance to any playlist. In this way, the DJ can remain free and continue to command the dancefloor. The idea is to play together, share the music and let the party roll. The care with excellence in sound, commitment, elegance, experience, the great pleasure to be on stage and to see the joy pass on to the dancefloor are the business cards of this instrumentist and accredit him in the market where the objectives are innovation, Emotion and quality.

Marcelo has been acquiring notoriety in the electronic music market, playing along with prominent names including André Haddad, Clara Ribeiro, Fernando Figueiredo, Henrique Secchi, Leonardo Ruas, Milton Chuquer, Paulinho Deejay, Ronaldo Gasparian, Suri and Willian Ribeiro. Influential DJs who act mainly in weddings and corporate events and always indicate him to share the stage with.